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About Us – Khobor Dobor

Respecting the passion of Bengali and Bengalis towards their mother tongue and completely free of cost, we have brought a Bengali digital magazine for you in a new way with modernity and Sabekiana’s mail connection …. Khobor Dobor.

Why read Khobor Dobor ?

It will help you in the matter of Thakur’s house from your drawing room to bedroom. Once you open your eyes at the beginning of the day you will get freshness and at the end of the day, you will get refreshment.

Khobor Dobor will convey important issues from snippets which will help you in various ways. Especially the worry-free mind – will give the gift of a fresh body.

Our Goals:

It will always keep you refreshed and refreshed by keeping you away from the various political discussions and the various incidents that have taken place cruelly and cruelly give rise to pain and frustration in your mind.